Music, Film, Beer!

“You were such a delight to work with,
and gave us a constant line of eager guests!”

— Stance Socks, SXSW music fest

Closing Night Party- Fantastic Fest 2015

Closing Night Party of Fantastic Fest, Oct. 1, 2015. (Photo by Jack Plunkett)

We go exceptionally well with celebrations of music, film, and beer.

We’re also an excellent garnish to cocktail brand launches

Music:  For Willie Nelson’s SXSW Heartbreaker Banquet (located at Willie’s amazing ranch), Stance Socks hired us to promote their brand.

Stance -- lit sign

 Attendance:  3,000+


Overview:  We typed poems for 9 hours (!), in a sweet corral-booth that Stance set up.

Photos by Stance-6

Stance also had custom-made stamps — emblazoned with their “Punks and Poetry” theme & logo.

Photos by Stance-2

We had 4 poets going, each with lines stretching 10-15 deep the whole time.

Willie crowds2

By day’s end, we’d written over 500 poems — all branded with the Stance logo, and all going home to a place of prominence.

Stance brand tr_heartbreaker-7

“It was inspiring to watch everyone leave with such a smile!”  
— Sarah Siqueiros, Events Director, Stance Socks


“Your poem was my favorite thing from our trip to Texas. What you wrote for me really touched my heart, and it is something I will truly treasure!”
— Heartbreaker Banquet poem recipient


“We loved having you, and you truly made our presence uncommon.”
— Stance Socks

tr_heartbreaker-21 tr_heartbreaker-16

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