“So many amazing poems created on the spot.
We LOVED Typewriter Rodeo!  It’s clear our guests did too.”
(Phillips Collection, “After 5” party)

(photo courtesy of


We 💖 museums.  We’ve typed at after-hours parties, exhibit openings, family days and fundraisers for:

  • The Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.
  • Boston ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art)
  • Isabella Gardner Museum, Boston
  • Perot Museum of Nature & Science
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • The Phillips Collection, D.C.
  • Contemporary Arts Museum – Houston
  • Austin Thinkery Museum
  • Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, MA
  • Briscoe Western Art Museum – San Antonio
  • Bullock Texas History Museum

And so many more.  (Did we mention we 💙💛💜 museums?)

“What rockstars, y’all are!
Our guests loved you!”

(Harry Ransom Center – Austin)

The Smithsonian


The Smithsonian set up an exhibit just for us in the National Museum of American History.  It was called “Type-o-Rama” and featured some amazing typewriters from their collection — and of course we got to type tons of poems for the museum guests!

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“You guys made Type-O-Rama a smash hit!”
Your skill and speed are unparalleled;
we’ve never seen anything like it.


Phillips Collection


The Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., had us type poems for their “Phillips After 5” party guests.  Attendance:  1,000


“#TypewriterRodeo blew our minds last night at #Phillipsafter5.”
(Phillips Collection)

Harry Ransom Center

event pic11

We were invited to the University of Texas’s Harry Ransom Center as part of their Alice in Wonderland exhibit opening party.  Attendance:  850


our photo

“The poem you wrote had us completely undone and crying. We wiped the tears away, laughing.  About 30 minutes later, we tried re-reading it — it had the same effect!  We fell apart again, the tears running down our cheeks.  The next day I framed it and gave it to Cas for Valentine’s Day.”

(Mary Yznaga & Cas Milner, Ransom Center party guests)

Dallas Museum of Art

DMA line-annotated-2

For their monthly LateNight party, the Dallas Museum of Art set us up in their beautiful American Art wing.  Our poetry line wrapped around the corner all night!  Attendance:  10,000


DMA poem recips-2


“You guys are amazingggg.
We now have awesome poems to frame!”

(Dallas Museum of Art poem recipient)

“You were such a hit!”
(Dallas Museum of Art)

Austin Thinkery


Oh, how we love The Thinkery.  We’ve typed at their adults-only Thinkery21 parties too many times to count.  And their guests give some of the best topic suggestions…  Attendance:  700+




Thinkery collage-2

“By far, the best souvenir I’ve ever gotten anywhere!”
(Thinkery21 poem recipient)

“Amazing poem!  😍 Getting this printed and framed.”
 (Thinkery21 poem recipient)

Briscoe Western Art Museum

Briscoe, 5-6-14

This was maybe our first museum gig!  For their San Antonio ‘BigGive’ fundraiser, the Briscoe let us type in a stunning room surrounded by old National Parks posters.

Briscoe, 5-6-14 [5]

Briscoe, 5-6-14 [4]

“This is so badass.”
(Briscoe poem recipient)

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