What We Do

Typewriter Rodeo creates custom, on-the-spot poems for event guests, using vintage typewriters.

Specifically, a guest comes up to our table, gives us any topic they want, and in about 3 minutes we type them an original poem that’s theirs to keep.  It’s a personal, sometimes emotional experience, that often results in laughter, high-fives, even hugs.
Guests love it.  Many of them later have their poems framed.

“Your skill and speed are unparalleled and truthfully,
I have never seen anything like it.”
(Emma Grahn, Smithsonian Museum Events) 

© alexandermorozov.com

It starts when people hear the clack of typewriters …

… then wander over and ask what we’re doing:

“Writing free poems!  I’ll type you one right now, on anything.”

“Can I have one about my son?”

In 3-5 minutes they get an original poem.

After smiles and laughter — and sometimes hugs and tears — they walk away with a keepsake that often ends up in a frame.

Framed-1 Framed2
[Poem recipients, Alice in Wonderland museum exhibit party]

Pretty quickly, the word spreads, and the lines form.

event pic4
[Alice in Wonderland museum exhibit party. Photo by Pete Smith.]

Sure, people like mugs and T-shirts, bands and good food.  But a personal poem that made them laugh or cry, that has your brand stamped on it?

That’s like swag on steroids.

“It was not just event entertainment —
it was a personal, emotional keepsake for each employee.”
(Muna Hussaini, PayPal Conference Events)



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