Book Festivals

“The sleeper hit of the Festival!”  
–- Maddie Hjulstrom, Nantucket Book Festival executive director

Authors In Bars - Billy at table
                                                                                  Nantucket Book Festival, “Authors in Bars” event

We’re a perfect match for literary events. We’ve entertained at:

Nantucket Book Festival
Texas Book Festival
Washington, D.C., Antiquarian Book Fair
– Harvard Law Library
Texas Library Association (TLA) conference
– Boston Antiquarian Book Fair
– Austin SCBWI conference
– Writers League of Texas conference
Texas Teen Book Festival

And more.

Example:  The Nantucket Book Festival flew us out to the east coast, to type poems for their guests.

Nantucket Magazine-2

Attendees:  1,000+

Overview:  For two days, at a picturesque, sun-drenched table nestled beside the island’s oldest library, we typed a steady stream of poems for festival attendees.

It was hard to tell who had more fun — us or them.  Click here for more.

“As indelible as your typewriters and talent are, your heart and compassion for every person who stands in front of you with words and ideas that you shape into beautiful form, is the lasting memory. With heartfelt thanks and enormous gratitude.”
(Mary Haft, Nantucket Book Festival organizer)

More book festival examples

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